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6 interesting facts about Costa Ricans

Ticos and Ticas –that is the way how Costa Rica’s local people call themselves. Since they like to add an -ico/-ica on the ending of most sentences this name was invented. Let’s list a few facts about Ticos (Men) /Ticas (Women) that you should be aware of before traveling to...
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Tips for a Sustainable Trip in Costa Rica.

When traveling to a tropical country such as Costa Rica we think about the indispensable things we need in order to have a pleasant trip, and to avoid inconveniences while we enjoy the volcanoes, the rainforest and/or the beach. Some of these are sunblock, insect repellent,...
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Travelling to Costa Rica as a vegetarian

Yes, it is true, Ticos really love chicken. No wonder they even say “arroz con siempre” which literally translates as “Rice with usual” or “Rice with always”. A chicken lover paradise… but there are many other tasty options! Vegetarians are always anxious when travelling to a new...
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Why you should not feed wild animals.

Why you should not feed wild animals. You have decided to come to Costa Rica and one of the reasons you chose Costa Rica is probably because of its incredible national parks teeming with life. You made the right decision and you will soon understand why Costa Rica is famous...
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Costa Rica’s lovely mammals

Costa Rica has nearly 250 species of mammals. Here is a list of some of my favorite mammals of Costa Rica. Sloths These lazy and cute animals are definitely one of my favorites and lucky for me, there are plenty of them in Costa Rica, you simply have to know where to look for...
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The Magnificent Birds of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has hundreds of beautiful bird species. I could numerate them all, but than it would take you hours to read this blog. That’s why I listed some of the most common and beautiful birds of Costa Rica. Toucans There are six toucan species in Costa Rica. You can find them...
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My experience with Green World Adventures and Costa Rica

Hello, my name is Yarima Lugo. I am a 21 year old tourism student from the Netherlands and I have been working and living in Costa Rica for the past 4 months. For my tourism study in the Netherlands I got the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I did not have to think about...
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Educational Trips – Costa Rica is your classroom!

Student Trips to Costa Rica. What is educational tourism? We at GWA describe this as the type of tourism in which one develops a fundamental objective of expanding or obtaining acquired knowledge in their particular area of study or interest in a different place other than where...
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Types of transportation for the packages of GWA

Green World Adventures’ programs are designed considering all budgets and needs, thus we adjust to what our visitors seek. Below you can find the different types of transportation that are available to all adventurers travelling with Green World Adventures. It is also...
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