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Green World Adventures (GWA) is a company that is concerned about sustainable development, for this reason GWA provides social, cultural and environmentally responsible vacations for visitors to Costa Rica. GWA’s trips are carefully designed, the trips involve local communities, show the local culture and traditions of Costa Rican and visit natural areas, such as private reserves and national parks.

Sustainable Tourism CST: Certification for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica.turismo-sostenible

The prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism is a program created by the Costa Rican Tourism Board to categorize and differentiate tourism companies according to the degree to which its operations approach a model of sustainability in the management of natural, cultural and social resources. For more information on this certificate can visit the official website

GWA has been awarded with 4 levels in this certificate.

-Projects and NGOs we support

At Green World Adventures we are consistent with our philosophy; we support different projects and nonprofit organizations that are doing social and / or environmental efforts in Costa Rica

Pueblito Costa Rica:

This is an NGO in Paraiso de Cartago. This organization is dedicated to provide a home to abandoned children. The place has several houses where children from 2-18 years old live with substitute mothers. In Pueblito GWA, collaborates with donations, but our greatest contribution is the placement of international volunteers who support the institution with English classes, helping children with homework and school assignments. Also by playing different sports with them. The goal is to help the integral formation of children so when they have to leave Pueblito they have the bases to face the real world by themselves.

Cartago Association of Senior Citizens (Ascate):

This is a nonprofit Association of Social Well. Providing comprehensive care to the elderly population, in the form of a Day Center, in order to improve and maintain their quality of life, including people with dementing diseases, especially Alzheimer type.

With Ascate we place international volunteers to help in different areas especially in the area of health.

Network Partners for Climate Change (Green your trip):

Each of our customers recieve a certificate of planting a tree in which a donation to Partners Network for Climate Change is performed to be planted in different forest farms as a gift.

Network Vacaciones Campesinas

This organization organizes volunteer programs in the communities of northern Costa Rica.

Monteverde Biological Reserve

Monteverde Biological Reserve is an ally in environmental volunteering in the reserve have groups working with different projects such as trail maintenance is, reforestation and environmental education with local schools.

International Volunteering in Cartago Costa Rica

Green World Adventures has partnered with the prestigious organization UBELONG, based in Washington DC United States and Lisbon, Portugal. Altogether we have developed projects for international volunteering. Among the objectives of international volunteering is supporting projects (NGOs) with fresh and new ideas, with volunteers who contribute their knowledge on issues of teaching English, caring for children and seniors.

International volunteers live with local families of Cartago where they share the daily life and meals. This is the best way for the volunteers to understand the Costa Rican culture.