My first-time seeing Whales
My first-time seeing Whales

My first-time seeing Whales


In 2021 we were in the pandemic covid 19, it was a hard time for the world, and all my life I dreamed to see whales so I had the opportunity to go on a tour in a Catamaran to Quepos near Manuel Antonio National Park.

I remember that I was nervous about going on a Catamaran to the ocean but when the tour started was amazing with good music, everybody was happy and the service was excellent.

The first that I saw was a group of dolphins around the Catamaran jumping, then we stopped near the small island and we saw the first big whale, for me when that happened was incredible the tour guide said what it is a mom whale and I only saw her back.

Some minutes after we were so lucky because a baby whale jumped so high and everybody yell about that for me was a special moment in my life.

This experience was written by Erwin Gonzalez a travel specialist from GWA making a unique experience around Costa Rica.



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