Our professional guides are waiting for you at the airport!
Our professional guides are waiting for you at the airport!

Many people around the world don’t like to be at airports. The crowded places, the long lines, the security controls and not really knowing what to expect when you get outside.

In Costa Rica, we have international procedures before you can leave the airport. Before you arrive, we advise you to ask for the two forms that you require to enter our country. After your flight lands in beautiful Costa Rica, you will go straight to the immigration department. Expect long lines. During a very friendly greeting from our Immigration Police, you give them the immigration forms and wait for their approval.

When this process is complete, you continue to the baggage claim area. In Costa Rica, this is a very small area, so do not worry. It will be very easy to find on which baggage claim you can find your luggage. If you have time, the Duty-Free Stores are in close proximity where you will have the chance to purchase quick souvenirs or last-minute items.

Once you pick up your luggage; you continue to the customs check area. At this moment, you will give the second customs report form. The last step is to pass your luggage and carry-on bags through the Police Scans.

You are almost outside! If you need to rent a car, you will see many different car rental companies before you get outside the airport. Make sure to compare different companies, cars and, of course, prices. It is very important if you are coming with a travel package that already includes a rental car, to ask your local specialist when and where you can pick up the car.

Finally, you are outside the airport! All our programs include private transportation from the airport to your hotel, free of charge. Please do not let the large crowds of people scare you. Just keep calm and find our local professional guide who will have a recognizable sign with our logo and your name on it. If you have any trouble finding this person, please call us on our emergency contact numbers.


We hope that you find this blog helpful. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@gwacr.com

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