Sarapiquí: Off the Beaten Path
Sarapiquí: Off the Beaten Path

Sarapiquí is one of the most hidden and beautiful destinations in Costa Rica. Located in the north of our country, with an ideal tropical climate for a perfect vacation full of adventure, rural tourism, and peace.

The name Sarapiquí is due to the river that is in the area, suitable for rafting, river safari, and immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of the place.

We, as travel specialists, recommend visiting this place if you are a lover of rural tourism, of wanting to know the essence of the country and disconnect from everyday life.


For this reason, we give you a list of activities to do on this Off The Beaten Path site:

  1. Visit National Parks and Biological Reserves with hanging bridges and trails ideal for hiking
  2. Rafting on the Sarapiquí River
  3. Rural Community Tourism with local families
  4. River Safari
  5. Bird watching
  6. Zipline, horseback riding, etc.


These are some of the activities that can be done in this area, a perfect combination of nature, culture, and adventure in one place.

Our package, COSTA RICA: OFF THE BEATEN PATH TREASURES includes this beautiful place, considered one of the attractions in Costa Rica that cannot be missed. Ask about our itinerary and we will gladly help you plan your ideal vacation.


PS: As a tip, a good recommendation is to rent a car, so you will have the freedom to know more about the area at your own pace and even visit waterfalls, but for better information, my colleague Jean Carlo explains everything you need to know about renting a vehicle. You just have to look for his blog)


This post was created by Sofy Quirós, a GWA travel agent who is passionate about what she does!

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