The favorite destination of Diego
The favorite destination of Diego

Diego is the co-founder of Green World Adventures. All our employees are passionate to travel and love to explore Costa Rica. A country like Costa Rica has loads of things to do and see. Diego has seen a lot of Costa Rica, but what is actually the favorite destination of Diego in Costa Rica?

Diego his favorite destination in Costa Rica is the South-Caribbean.



Puerto Limón, Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo. The South-Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a unique experience. The yellow sand beaches, palm trees and the clear water welcoming you to enjoy this relaxing site of Costa Rica.

With reggae music playing throughout the colorful towns, you will instantly experience the Afro-Caribbean influence and laid back vibes of these indigenous beach towns. We normally add our all-time favorite Puerto Viejo to our packages to experience the South-Caribbean vibes, probably because Diego likes this town the most.


Activities to do

In the Southern-Caribbean there is a lot to see and do. Our recommendation is to relax and snorkel in the clear water, but if you are not a relaxer, the area exists of a lot of history and we offer visits to the indigenous people and their lifestyles. You could also visit Cahuita national park while visiting the Southern-Caribbean.


Are you getting excited about this destination, we can also help you to create the perfect trip and maybe even stay a bit longer at this great destination in Costa Rica.

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