What do all our certifications mean?
What do all our certifications mean?

What do all our certifications mean?

When you travel with Green World Adventures we want to make sure with you that we make a sustainable trip. We can guarantee you that we think about being sustainable at all times. Therefore we obtained many sustainable certifications, but what do they actually mean?


Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

This is a global code created by the UNWTO (= World tourism organization). If you think about tourism there can be said that it could easily negatively impact a country, destination, environment, cultural heritage, or societies across the globe. This is how the code’s 10 principles are created. It aims to maximize the sector’s benefits while minimizing the potential negative impact.

Read more about the 10 principles here: http://ethics.unwto.org/content/global-code-ethics-tourism


Essential Costa Rica

Essential Costa Rica is the tourism board of Costa Rica. They do the promotion of Costa Rica at ‘Visit Costa Rica’. By being a member of Esencial Costa Rica, we carry out the country branding, economic growth, and competitiveness of Costa Rica. We comply with the standards of the brand and reflect on the essential values.

Read more here: http://www.esencialcostarica.com/


Turismo Sostenible (CST)

This is the certificate for Tourism Sustainability (CST). The certification is a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), which we are also part of, this certification can be achieved according to a degree to which we operate approaches in a sustainability model, in terms of daily operations, cultural and social resources. This is one of the best sustainable certifications worldwide and we are proud to be part of it and of course that it is Costa Rican. 😉

Read more here: http://www.turismo-sostenible.co.cr/


Code of Conduct Costa Rica Protecting them

This code of conduct is created to protect Children and Adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation in Travel and Tourism in Costa Rica. We created just like the other companies an ethical policy of zero tolerance towards Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents. Costa Rica hopes to create this as a centerline for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Read more here: http://www.ict.go.cr/en/sustainability/code-of-conduct.html


Let’s go and travel sustainably with us!

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