My favorite typical Costa Rican food
My favorite typical Costa Rican food

When we talk about food from Costa Rica there are two ingredients that are a must; rice and beans, which are a very important part of our dishes but of course that is not everything. I want to tell you about my favorite Costa Rican food and recommend you the perfect occasions to try these delicious dishes.



I have to start with the classic ‘Casado’. This is a generous plate where the main components are rice, beans, picadillo, plantains, salad, and of course some kind of meat or fish that you can choose. The most common options are beef, chicken, fish, and meat pork. I recommend this dish if you want to know what a Tico (Costa Rican) eats every day, and especially if you are quite hungry.



One of my favorite dishes is called Gallos. This is a small portion of different local products on top of a tortilla. The most popular gallos and my favorites are potato hash, gallo with sausage, beans, and many others.


‘Beers and Chifrijo’

When you want to eat with a local beer, the most popular beers are Imperial, Pilsen, and Bavaria, I recommend you to try the famous Chifrijo. This traditional dish is a mix of rice, beans, pico de gallo (tomato ), and chicharron (pork) in a cup.


I invite you to come to discover these, and many other, typical Costa Rican dishes. Please contact us to design your tailor-made trip at

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