Mountain biking in Costa Rica
Mountain biking in Costa Rica

One of the most exciting, fun, and demanding sports at the moment; known for the challenging routes, amazing natural sceneries, and of course for the fast descents on single tracks or dirt roads. Come to Costa Rica for a great mountain biking experience!

Here is a little part of a long history behind mountain biking in Costa Rica, it starts more than 40 years ago when the first “Vuelta Ciclística a Costa Rica” became one of the most demanding and famous races in America; part of the UCI America Tour since 2005. From that moment on, every Costa Rican knew about bicycles and this healthy and ecological way of transportation became very popular among the locals. In the 1970s, when mountain biking was born in the United States, it arrived almost at the same time in Costa Rica, thanks to the huge impact that the United States has on the Central American countries.

A few years after it became a formal sport. Costa Ricans started organizing races and many routes were discovered or designed for the most avid riders. Nowadays, it is a serious sport and many racers are known in the area for their performance and victories over the years. With all that said, Costa Rica is the perfect country to enjoy this special sport and challenge yourself on single tracks along volcanos or on long downhills along the coast.

Costa Rica offers a large variety of routes, some of them will take you up and down a volcano while others go around them like the ones in the Arenal Volcano area. The coastal area is also ideal for a ride on two wheels, but the rainforest is probably the most intense place to go mountain biking. The temperatures, the sounds and colors, the smell of the forest, and the wildlife around you will make each ride an unforgettable experience that you would like to repeat every year.

Another great advantage of joining a mountain bike trip in Costa Rica is that you can enjoy many other adventures in the rainforest, for example, you can include white water rafting, canopy tours, challenging hikes in National Parks, canyoneering, and bungee jumping in an 8-day trip. If you prefer the coast or water activities this country has more than 500 miles of coast where you can surf, practice diving or snorkeling, STP, enjoy kite surfing, or take a kayak tour.

And finally, one of the reasons why this country is so well known in the world: because of its biodiversity and nature. There are more than 30 National Parks where you can experience the rainforest and learn all the secrets of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibious; Costa Rica is a paradise for nature lovers from all around the globe.

We invite you to come and enjoy a mountain biking tour in Costa Rica, please request the full itinerary, pricing, and dates available at We will be glad to prepare an adventurous experience for you!

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