The Magic of Corcovado
The Magic of Corcovado

Hello travelers, I hope that the positive energy of the universe continues to flow through your lives, I want to share an extraordinary travel experience that I had when I was just starting my studies in tourism, in the far 2008.

I had the opportunity to visit and experienced the magic of Corcovado National Park for 1 month, a place full of exotic animals and a deep green in its mountains, welcomed me for 30 days.

30 days full of research walks, exploration of flora full of unimaginable colors, but also of exuberant danger, since every corner of this magnificent piece of land, extraordinary animals abound in beauty, but lethal to defend their territory and survive in a world full of natural hazards.

In this paradise, I had the opportunity to see live and in full-color, dantas, howler monkeys, peccaries, the popular ox killer, the red snake, red macaws, tree frogs, and one of the most extraordinary cats I admire, the puma. One of the anecdotes that I most treasure in my mind was the experience of walking on the beach and watching a puma walking on it, this happened at dawn, when I decided one of those days, Wake up early, take my backpack to enjoy the sunrise by lighting up every space in Corcovado.

When I started my walk, after a few meters on the beach, something caught my attention in the dark green of the mountain, in that instant I turned my head focusing my look in detail on 2 bright lights reflected in 2 deep eyes, carefully observing every step I took, I stopped to detail what caused that reflection, after a few seconds, a huge cat came out of the darkness of the mountain, and slowly began to walk towards the beach.

I was paralyzed for a few moments to see the pure beauty of nature taking a simple walk on the beach, a puma enjoying the tranquility and purity that the sea provides him, after a few minutes, the puma calmly returned to the darkness and protection that the mountain gave him and disappeared.

This is undoubtedly, one of the experiences that I will never forget, and has motivated my passion to travel and get to know every single spot of Costa Rica.

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