Why make Costa Rica your next destination?
Why make Costa Rica your next destination?

Let’s start this blog with the question: why travel to Costa Rica?

In recent years, the country has experienced a visit boom, turning tourism into the first economic activity, beacuse, how not to be captivated by all the exuberant nature that surrounds Costa Rica? This small land is home to 6% of the world’s biodiversity, which makes it an intense destination in natural wealth, for the enjoyment of different activities such as bird watching, hiking, surfing, and even adventure and the most incredible, all in the same country.

Now imagine immersing yourself in a cloud forest full of vegetation and bird songs and then a few kilometers away enjoying the sand and sun on the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Rica. Or hike in a trail with vegetation and animals and end the day relaxing in the hot springs of the Arenal Volcano.

It is incredible how you can live an experience full of emotions, beautiful landscapes, good moments that will become memories and in just a few days.

And let’s not leave out the cultural component of Costa Rica. You will love its people who will make you feel welcome wherever you go, with that kindness and the Pura Vida that characterizes it.

I tell you a secret? I am in love with my country and I love having the opportunity to make other people fall in love, that is why at Green World Adventures we strive to turn your vacation into a memorable and quality moment, whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, friends, or family.

I invite you to know each of our packages that are designed to offer the best of the country. So, what do you think if you choose the one that best suits you and we take care of the rest?

This post was created by Sofy Quirós, a GWA travel agent who is passionate about what she does!

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