Jaco Beach again a safe destination! Central Pacific, Costa Rica
Jaco Beach again a safe destination! Central Pacific, Costa Rica

Jacó is a coastal town on the Pacific coast. This place is considered as a city close to the beach.  There was a time that Jacó had a bad reputation. If you do research about the town you will read a lot of negative experiences. Mainly about drugs, prostitution, and criminality. Fortunately, times have changed!!! Jacó has worked on this problem and you will have a totally different experience if you have visited this place before.


There are a lot of tourists going to Jacó and therefore the city has been improving in different aspects. The roads are good and you can find any shop you need like pharmacies and banks. Another good thing about Jacó is the restaurants. You can find all kinds of restaurants like local food, Pasta, Pizza, Fish, Seafood and even Sushi! Jacó is also pretty known for its nightlife, there are a lot of bars, pubs and some clubs. The best thing about Jacó is that there is a good mix between locals and tourists.


Jacó is famous for the beach and a lot of surfers go here to chill and ride the waves. The weather in Jacó is really good! It is super warm and humid and is the perfect place to work on your tan, but be careful that you won’t get a sunburn!


Because Jacó is easy to get to from San José a lot of people from San José and surrounding places go here to spend the weekend. This destination is located only 1.5 hours away from San Jose.

Most of the people that visit Jacó are families, young travelers, students, and local Costa Ricans. It is safe to go there and there are a lot of activities to do. Of course, you have to look after yourself like in any other destinations. Don’t walk in the street with unnecessary jewelry and don’t go to remote and sketchy places. But nowadays, Jacó is not more dangerous than any other place in Costa Rica.


There is enough offer of trips, you can go for a tour by boat, you can rent ATV’s and you can even go on a Canopy tour to zip line through the mountains. Carara National park is also very close to Jacó and there is a lot of ways to go there.


If you are still not convinced to go for a visit to Jacó, in my opinion, Jacó has the best sunset in entire Costa Rica. The views are astonishing with a beautiful mix of the colors yellow, orange, red, and purple.



  • Try out different restaurants.
  • Visit near parks like Carara National Park or Manuel Antonio.
  • Try to get in contact with the locals.
  • Take a tour of the Bijagual Waterfall
  • Try the local food.
  • Take a surf class.
  • Go and visit the Jacó viewpoint.
  • Bring your swim gear and sunscreen

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