Our team visited to Carara National Park
Our team visited to Carara National Park

Last weekend our GWA-team went to the Carara National Park in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. The national park is close to the beach town Jaco and the drive to the park is a nice experience on its own, you will drive through green hills and you will see a lot of beautiful nature.

When we arrived at the park we got kindly welcomed by one of the park rangers and he was very interested in us. At the entrance, we were lucky because we saw a group of the famous scarlet macaws flying over our heads. It is recommended to go to the park early to be one of the first in the park, you will have the most chance to see this bird or some of the other amazing animals habiting the park like the: Capuchin Monkeys, Agouti’s, Sloths, Armadillos, hummingbirds and many more.


The park has got a trail through the forest and you will be able to see the beauties of the park. The hike will take around 1.5 hours, depending on your pace. Since we were amazed by all the views we took our time and spent around 2.5 hours in the park. Carara is a must for birdwatchers; you can hear all the animal sounds and the different birds sing.


Not everybody knows this, but close to the entrance of the park you can find the Tarcoles Bridge. Here you can find a wild family of crocodiles and they are almost always there to show off their beauty.


If you are interested to visit this park you can ask our travel planner to create an excursion to this great place. A visit to this park is included in the “Costa Rica for Birdwatchers” package and is also easy to combine with one of our other packages when visiting Jaco Beach or Manuel Antonio.

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