Uvita Beach, South Pacific.
Uvita Beach, South Pacific.

Some of the Green World Adventures trips include Uvita Beach, located in the South Pacific. Of course, you can ask us to include this town in your tailor-made trip. In this blog, I will give you 3 reasons why you should visit this place.


1. Beach

Uvita has a stunning beach. It’s long, and it has several corners so you can hide from the crowd. The sea is perfect to swim in, and the beach perfects to relax on. Go for a “pipa fría”, a fresh coconut. I cannot explain here how delicious these coconuts are! Uvita Beach is part of the Marina Ballena National Park, so you will have to pay a small entrance fee to enter the beach, but it’s totally worth it.


2. Whale watching

Have you ever seen whales before? No? Then Uvita is the perfect place for you. When you visit Uvita during the whale season that lasts from August to October, you will have a very high chance to see these impressive animals. Besides whales, you also have the chance to spot some dolphins. The boat ride to spot these animals is great and the views from the boat are beautiful.


3. Waterfall

A bit out of town you can find a waterfall. This waterfall is surrounded by nature. It’s so green here, you can hardly believe it’s real! Under the waterfall, you can go for a refreshing swim and enjoy the cold water. Don’t miss this place when you are in Uvita!


Are you convinced yet? Really, Uvita is a great place to visit. It has a bit of everything, and a bit for everyone. Ask us to include this place in your trip and let us know how you liked it afterward!

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