Volunteering in Costa Rica with GWA
Volunteering in Costa Rica with GWA

Volunteer in Costa Rica and discover one of the most sustainable countries on earth. Costa Rica is famous for its numerous volunteering projects.

We have been working with international volunteers since 2010, and together we have been building the volunteer programs in Costa Rica from the ground up in order to address local community problems.

So far, we have had around 200 volunteers. Would you join in an epic adventure? Improve your Spanish? Help the local communities? Discover a new country?

Read more information about programs and prices in the following link: https://www.greenworldadventures.com/volunteer-experiences/


We have the following type of projects in Costa Rica:

  • Working with disadvantaged children. This project provides homes to children who lack one. The place has several houses where children from 2 to 18 years old live with substitute mothers. We collaborate with donations, but our greatest contribution is the placement of international volunteers who support the institution by giving English and sports classes and who help children with homework and school assignments. The goal is to help the integral formation of children to prepare them to face the real world by themselves.
  • Helping people with mental disabilities. This project promotes the education and personal development of young adults who suffer from mental disabilities. Their objective is to encourage their integration within the society by making them participate in various occupational workshops (cooking classes, sports, arts, etc.) and helping them find what they are good at.
  • Support an elderly daycare center. This project supports the elderly by offering them a daycare center in which they can participate in occupational workshops (dance, cooking, gardening, etc.). The center serves about 100 senior citizens, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, who live at home but come to the center every day to eat, learn new skills, receive medical attention, and socialize in a healthy environment.
  • Supporting an environmental NGO. This project promotes conservation, enjoyment, and sustainable use of the epiphytic flora through scientific research, horticulture, and environmental education. Also, this project was established as a center for the exhibition, conservation, and research of tropical epiphytic plants, with a special interest in orchids. On 11 hectares, the field collections, greenhouses collections, and secondary forests host over 3,000 species of plants.

Coming soon, new projects will be added to our list!

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