My experience with Green World Adventures and Costa Rica
My experience with Green World Adventures and Costa Rica

Hello, my name is Yarima Lugo. I am a 21-year-old tourism student from the Netherlands and I have been working and living in Costa Rica for the past 4 months. For my tourism study in the Netherlands, I got the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I did not have to think about where I wanted to go; I wanted to go to Costa Rica! After doing some research on travel organizations in Costa Rica, I found Green World Adventures. I met Diego Rivera and Alberto Molina via a Skype call and I knew right away that this was the company I wanted to do my internship at.

On the 24th of August 2016, it was time to start my adventure abroad. I arrived in Cartago and met Alberto and Vilma. They helped me find my way in the city and introduced me to my amazing host family. On Monday the 29th of August I started my internship.
During my internship, I have learned a lot about Costa Rica, tourism and of course I have improved my Spanish, but the most important thing that I learned while being here is who I really am.

Green World Adventures has given me so many opportunities to discover the country and to get to know its amazing people. I have been on so many great adventures, from several canopy tours to exploring beautiful beaches overlooking small islands in the sea.

My internship was mostly about marketing and promoting the company in Europe, but I have also helped them with my passion for filming; I made several promotion videos about the different beautiful places that Costa Rica has to offer.

Alberto and Diego are really passionate about tourism, traveling, and most of all about their beautiful country. I notice that in everything that they do. They are truly amazing and good people. The most important thing that they expected of my time in Costa Rica is, besides helping them promoting their company in Europe, that I really enjoy the country and started to love it as much as they do. Well, mission accomplished! But it was actually not that difficult; what not to love about Costa Rica?

I still have about one month to go to this beautiful country before I go back home. I am so proud and blessed to say that I have experienced the real Costa Rican culture and I am going to miss everything about this country so much; its beautiful nature, delicious food, and fruits, the relaxed way of living, but most of all its welcoming and loving people!

Thank you very much for everything!
Pura Vida!

Check out some of the videos I made for Green World Adventures:
Also check out my Instagram account for more pictures of my experiences in Costa Rica:

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