Tipping culture in Costa Rica
Tipping culture in Costa Rica

When you are on vacation you always want to know about the tipping culture of the destination that you are going to visit. The reason for this is very simple; you don’t want to offend anyone by giving a small tip but you also don’t want to give too much.


Here you can find some suggestions for tipping in Costa Rica. How much to tip at a:



When you go to a restaurant in Costa Rica and you get the bill you will notice that there is a 23% add to it. This is 13% taxes and 10% service charge which is the tip. This means that tips and gratitude are already included in the price.

If you feel that the service and food exceeded your expectations and the staff went the extra mile to serve you, you can give an extra tip which will be much appreciated by the restaurant’s staff.



In the hotels, the bellboys and the cleaning staff will expect tips. You can tip the bellboys and/or doormen a tip of $0,50 to $1 for each suite case that they handle for you.

For the cleaning staff, you can leave a tip of $2 per day of your stay in the hotel.


Tour guides and drivers

If you have a multiday program with a private guide you can estimate $5 – $15 per day for the guide and driver.

Each activity will include a local guide, you can tip them with an estimate of $2 – $10 per tour.

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