Types of transportation during your trip to Costa Rica
Types of transportation during your trip to Costa Rica

Green World Adventures’ programs are designed considering all budgets and needs, thus we adjust to what our visitors seek. Below you can find the different types of transportation that are available to all adventurers traveling with Green World Adventures.


Private transportation:

Private transportation is the best choice if you are looking for privacy and comfort. Within this category, we offer two types. Private transportation from destination to a destination where the departure time is determined by the client, and private transportation throughout the whole trip. With private transportation, our clients will generally be accompanied by a private guide. This is the most flexible way to travel as the hours can be set by the customer. With this option, you can visit one-of-a-kind destinations and not so well known, less touristic places.


Shuttle (hotel to hotel):

Traveling by shuttle means that you will have transfers from destination to destination with a set schedule. You should be ready at the lobby of your hotel at a particular time that can not easily be changed. The shuttle is shared by no more than 8 other tourists and you will be picked up at your hotel to go to your next destination. Routes and schedules are more limited, inflexible and you can only travel to the more popular destinations.


Domestic flights:

This is the fastest way to reach the different destinations of your trip. Although we have to mention that not all destinations have local airports. This is a good option if you want to optimize your time in Costa Rica. Take into consideration that this option is more expensive than the others.


Rent a car:

If you would like to be more independent and flexible while traveling, you can rent a vehicle to travel to the destinations you want to visit. This option gives you the opportunity to visit more remote destinations, where flights and shuttles do not have routes available.


Important note: we can create packages where these types of transportation are combined.

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