The Magnificent Birds of Costa Rica
The Magnificent Birds of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has hundreds of beautiful bird species. I could enumerate them all, but then it would take you hours to read this blog. That’s why I listed some of the most common and beautiful birds of Costa Rica.


There are six toucan species in Costa Rica. You can find them in the rainforests throughout the whole country. Mostly in the tops of tall trees.

Fun fact: The beaks of toucans can get as big as more than half of the length of their bodies and they are used to regulate their body temperature.


Scarlet Macaws
These beautiful birds are members of the parrot family. You can find them in the rainforests and tropical dry forests. The places that offer the best chances to admire these birds are Corcovado National Park and Carara National Park.

Fun fact: Scarlet Macaws have the intelligence of a 4-8-year-old child and the emotional intelligence of a 2-year-old. They can act like little kids when not getting the attention they need/want.


Resplendent Quetzals
The resplendent quetzal, also known as the most spectacular bird in the New World, is the largest member of the trogon family. The best places to see these birds are the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve and San Gerardo de Dota (Quetzales National Park).

Fun fact: Resplendent quetzals have grey, black or mottled feathers when they are born and start growing their long tail of feathers when they are three years old.


Costa Rica offers six species of motmots. These birds live in the cloud forests, rainforests, and tropical dry forests and you have the best chances of spotting them in Santa Rosa National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and Palo Verde National Park.

Fun fact: Motmots have the nickname “clock birds” because it is very common for them to swing their tails in a pendulum motion.


There are roughly 50 hummingbird species in Costa Rica. They can be found in the cloud Forests and rainforests throughout the whole country.

Fun fact: Hummingbirds are very smart. It is said that they can remember every flower they have visited and can even recognize humans.


Montezuma Oropendolas
These birds are one of the country’s most iconic bird species. You can
spot these birds on the Caribbean slopes, the cloud forest of Monteverde, and the tropical rainforest in the Osa Peninsula (Corcovado National Park).

Fun fact: The unique call of these birds is a melodic warble that contains conversational gurgles and bubbles. This birdsong is a key element to
their mating ritual.

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